Our design services range from one-time-only design consultations to multi-sheet estate master planning. We will take on projects of any size, as that is part of the fun of landscape design. All spaces, large or small, can be made more beautiful and more sustainable. Many of our projects begin with a 2 hour consultation, in which we will meet on-site with our client in order to find the design direction that will work for their specific situation. We welcome our clients and our installers into the design dialog, so that everyone involved can gain from the exchange of ideas and information.

A landscape plan is just that—drafting on paper. To turn your landscape planning into reality takes a team of talented and committed professionals. To this end, GardenArt Group will not only provide design supervision for your project, but can recommend various talented installers for any aspect of landscape installation, from sculpture to swimming pools and tennis courts to pizza ovens. The specific character of a garden is created during the installation process. To maximize the potential of your landscape, every nuance of construction and placement is critical. The genius is in the details. For this reason, we consider our design consultation services a critical part of the landscape installation process.

As a part of the ongoing survival of a garden, maintenance is crucial. Because we design out-of-the-box, an in-the-box garden service is sure to get it wrong without some guidance from us. We can usually recommend maintenance companies in your area who are happy to work with us to insure the best return on your landscape investment. It is important to remember that a garden is never finished; it lives, breathes, grows and changes. We want to be a part of that process in order to guarantee your landscape fulfills its potential.

Just give us a call or send us an email. You will find us an easy to work with, client-centered landscape design and architecture company, with a full range of contacts for any need, from landscape contractors, pool installers, civil and structural engineers, to interior designers and artists and artisans.

For smaller projects, we offer a 2-hour on-site design session with concept sketch. All other design services are charged at an hourly rate. Please call or email for more information.